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Danny Jones Penniman is an American rapper, lyricist, and artist. Danny Jones Penniman is the taken on child of the late Richard Wayne Penniman, otherwise called Little Richard, the “Rock and Roll” music’s principal architect.

Who is Danny Jones Penniman? 

Danny is best perceived as the embraced child of rowdy maestro, Little Richard. Notwithstanding the goliath shadow of his dad, Danny sought after music, leaving a particular imprint for himself.

Danny Jones Penniman Biography:

Danny Jones Penniman was brought into the world in 1959, in the US of America. However, his accurate date of birth isn’t accessible freely.

I additionally didn’t get additional data about his birthday festivity from any sources . Indeed, even zodiac sign data isn’t accessible publicly.

According to certain sources his ongoing age is 63. In addition to that, The data connected with his experience growing up and his initial life is likewise not freely accessible.

Danny Jones Penniman Jones doesn’t know anything about his folks, origin, and family.But as per a portion of the reports, it is said that the two his organic guardians passed on in youth. Furthermore, Danny has been a vagrant youngster from his experience growing up.

Also, that is the explanation for how he was embraced by Little Richard at one year old. We are discussing his non-permanent parents. He is a pleased child of them. However his non-permanent parents are separated. Her mom carries on with a peaceful, private existence.

There is no more data accessible connected with his kin and his cherished recollections

Danny Jones Penniman Wiki:

Full NameDanny Penniman
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Celebrity Kid
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Marital StatusSingle
Eye ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorBrown
FatherLittle Richard
MotherErnestine Harvin

Danny Jones Penniman Age:

Brought into the world in 1959, Danny was roughly 64 years of age starting around 2023.

Danny Jones Penniman Height:

The 64-year-old American craftsman is very tall: 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 64 kg.

Danny Jones Penniman Personal life:

Danny has not uncovered his conjugal status to the media since he has kept his hidden life private. Moreover, it is presently more enthusiastic to find out about his day to day life because of his nonappearance from web-based entertainment accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

His dad, Little Richard, is notable for being an unbelievable American rapper, vocalist, lyricist, and performer with a seven-decade profession. His genuine name was Richard Wayne Penniman. Known for his lively exhibitions during the 1950s, he is commended for a portion of his hits, including “long tall Sally” in 1956.

Aside from that he has been named “the pioneer” and “the originator” as well as “the draftsman of Rock and Roll.” Little Richard is notable in both fables and music culture. He is a famous piano player and performer with a piercing voice. He is an exceptional person who has contributed essentially to the development of American society music.

Concerning his mom, she appreciates carrying on with an existence of mystery. Little Richard expected parental obligations for Danny Jones Penniman following the separation with his mom, Ernestine Harvin, a mere two years into their marriage.

Danny Jones Penniman Family:

Danny was the darling embraced offspring of Little Richard and Ernestine Harvin, having been taken into their family in 1959 when he was a year old. Little Richard’s compelling music and Ernestine Harvin’s expert foundation as a secretary from Washington D.C., made for an improved familial climate.

Danny Jones Penniman Career:

Danny Jones is a notable performer in the US, as well as a skilled rapper. There are at present no insights concerning his collection accessible. Despite the fact that he is a skilled rapper, the greater part of his work is obscure to the overall population. Regardless of being a VIP kid, he doesn’t yet have a Wikipedia page.

Little Richard was a significant figure in famous music and culture for a long time as an American performer, vocalist, and lyricist. His hit single, “Long Tall Sally” (1956), was No. 1 on the Board Mood and Blues Hits diagram (Hot R&B/Hip-Bounce Melodies), which records the best R&B and hip jump tunes in the US.

His father, Little Richard, died on Saturday, May ninth, 2020. On the virtual entertainment site, his child affirms the news. Subsequently, he was the person who declared his dad’s demise, expressing that the reason for death was because of bone malignant growth.

Danny Jones Penniman Net Worth:

He is as of now inaccessible on all web-based entertainment stages. He ought to have kept his hidden and individual life stowed away from the public eye.

His total assets, compensation, and other income are completely left hidden. He could rake in some serious cash as a gifted rapper. He has not, in any case, unveiled any declarations about it. His dad, then again, has amassed a sizable fortune. His dad’s total assets is hence $40 million.

Danny Jones Penniman Relationship:

The rapper’s conjugal status has not been revealed. It is obscure on the off chance that Danny was at any point hitched.

Facts about Danny Jones Penniman:

  • Background: Danny Jones Penniman was born in 1959 in the United States. He is the adopted son of the legendary musician Little Richard.
  • Early Life: Raised by Little Richard and his ex-wife Ernestine Harvin, Danny’s biological parents passed away during his childhood, leaving him an orphan. Little Richard took him in at the age of one.
  • Career: While Danny is recognized as a rapper and musician, details about his musical career are scarce. Despite being the son of a famous musician, he has maintained a low profile, with limited public information about his work.
  • Family: Little Richard and Ernestine Harvin provided Danny with a familial environment. Little Richard, a pioneer in rock and roll music, passed away in 2020.
  • Personal Life: Danny Jones Penniman has kept his personal life private, including his marital status. He has maintained a low online presence, with no activity on social media platforms.
  • Net Worth: Information about Danny Jones Penniman’s net worth and earnings is not publicly available. However, his father, Little Richard, amassed a significant fortune during his career.
  • Legacy: Little Richard’s legacy as a pioneering figure in American music has influenced generations of musicians, including his son Danny, albeit details about Danny’s contributions remain limited.


Danny Jones Penniman, the adopted son of music legend Little Richard, was born in 1959. Raised by Little Richard and Ernestine Harvin, he experienced a childhood marked by tragedy, losing his biological parents at a young age. Despite his familial ties to the music industry, Danny has maintained a low profile, with limited information available about his own musical endeavors. He has kept his personal life private, including his marital status, and has remained largely absent from social media. While details about his career and net worth are scarce, his father’s legacy as a pioneering figure in rock and roll music continues to influence the music industry.


What is Danny Jones Penniman’s age?

Danny Jones Penniman was born in 1959, making him around 64 years old as of 2023.

Who are Danny Jones Penniman’s parents?

Danny Jones Penniman is the adopted son of Little Richard, the iconic musician, and Ernestine Harvin.

What is Danny Jones Penniman’s net worth?

Information about Danny Jones Penniman’s net worth is not publicly available. However, his father, Little Richard, had an estimated net worth of $40 million.

What is known about Danny Jones Penniman’s career?

While Danny is recognized as a rapper and musician, details about his career are scarce. He has maintained a low profile, with limited public information about his work.

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