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BIOGRAPHYTaking A Dig Into The Life of Teri Debarge: Biography, Marriage, Struggle, Net Worth, and Current Status


Teri Debarge, a talented American producer, made a name for herself with her remarkable work on the widely acclaimed TV show “Unsung.” Her skills and dedication in the industry were truly appreciated. Beyond television, she showcased her prowess in filmmaking by producing the captivating movie “The Bobby Debarge Story,” delving into the life of the renowned singer and former Motown R&B/soul vocal group member.

Teri Lee Gayle, now widely recognized as Teri, first caught the public’s attention in the vibrant era of the 90s when she shared the intimate details of her romance with Bobby Debarge. Long before the flash and glamor took center stage, their love story started. Their romance began during their adolescent years, when the world had not yet seen the magic that developed between them. They didn’t decide to be clean about their love and tell the world about it until the 1990s. Since then, their adventure has developed into an amazing and renowned part in the entertainment industry.

Teri has made a great deal of contribution to the entertainment industry, but she has deliberately chosen to keep a low profile and avoid social media. Her story with Bobby Debarge is still a fascinating one from another age, one in which love tales happened quietly and out of the constant spotlight.

Through her marriage to Bobby Debarge, Teri’s path in the film industry melds with her personal life to create a narrative that highlights her love of storytelling and her connection to the music industry. Her distinct viewpoint and committed approach have made a lasting impression on the entertainment industry, demonstrating her adaptability and love for what she does.

Who is Teri Debarge?

Teri DeBarge, then Teri Lee Gayle, rose to fame after her six-year union with Bobby DeBarge.

Actually, the couple began dating in the mid-1980s, and they tied the knot on December 10, 1990. It’s interesting to note that Bobby and Teri met while he was in his early forties and she was just fifteen.

As their romance developed, Teri’s late adolescence saw Bobby and her become proud parents to two children.

 Beyond just being a wife and mother, Teri also embraced her role as the sister-in-law to Bobby’s nine siblings, further expanding their family ties.

There’s an intriguing rumor circulating that Teri played matchmaker between Bobby and Monique DeBarge, the ex-wife of El DeBarge. However, the authenticity of this story remains uncertain.

Living alongside Monique DeBarge, Teri’s connection with Bobby’s family grew stronger. Despite the age difference that marked the beginning of their relationship, the couple’s deep love for each other and their growing family was evidently the focal point of their journey.

Teri Debarge Children

The couple shares the joy of raising two sons, both carving their own unique paths in life. The older son, Christian Debarge, has found his passion in the world of anime artistry, where he brings vibrant characters to life through his drawings. A little mysterious in his personal life, Christian is blissfully wed to an Asian woman. Alongside, they brought their daughter—whose name is still a closely-kept secret—to the family, adding a new chapter to their tale.Christian, preferring a private existence, gracefully balances his artistic pursuits with the joys of family life.

However, Bobby Debarge Jr., the younger son, has decided to carry on his father’s musical legacy. Bobby, who has a falsetto that sounds like his father’s, is becoming well-known in the music industry. 

Collaborating with his cousins, Andrew, Kristinia, and Eldra, he’s actively involved in composing music, keen on preserving the family’s rich musical heritage. Despite his success in the industry, Bobby remains single, dedicating his focus to the rhythmic beats and melodies that keep the Debarge musical tradition alive.

Teri Debarge  Bio

Are you a fan of soulful vocal music? If so, you probably know about the Motown R&B group Switch and their renowned lead singer, Bobby Debarge. However, have you ever delved into the lesser-known life of Bobby’s wife, Teri Debarge? Let’s explore the story of this ordinary girl-next-door who found love in the arms of Bobby Debarge.

Teri, born around 1970 to parents not widely recognized, is now around 60 years old. Her connection with Bobby began at a young age, thanks to his ex-wife Monique Debarge, who happened to be a relative of Teri. While details about Teri’s education are scarce, we do know that she graduated high school before crossing paths with Bobby.

After Bobby’s passing in 1995, Teri found herself thrust into the role of a young single mother, caring for two children at the age of 25. Her life has been one of both joy and struggle, navigating the complexities of being Bobby Debarge’s widow.

Unfortunately, information about Teri’s personal and academic life remains limited. The Lemony blog aims to shed light on various facets of Teri’s journey – from her lifestyle to her marriage with Bobby, detailing how they met, her challenges, and her current status. The blog also delves into Teri’s net worth, offering readers an intriguing glimpse into the lesser-known aspects of her life. Don’t miss out on this captivating read!


NameTeri Debarge
CountryUnited States of America
BirthplaceNot available
Date of BirthNot available
AgeAround 60 years old
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Net Worth (2022)$5 million expected
School/CollegeNot available
Father’s nameNot available
Mother’s NameNot available
Marital StatusEx-wife of Late Bobby Debarge
Husband NameLate Bobby Debarge
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignNot available
PopularityAs a producer and wife of singer Bobby Debarge

Teri Debarge Education

She went to school in her own town and didn’t go on to high school or college. Teri met Bob at a very young age and ended up marrying him when she was just fifteen. After getting married, she didn’t pursue further education.

Teri Debarge  Age

Although her precise birthdate is unknown to us, our best guess puts her age at around 59 years old.

As for her birthplace, unfortunately, that information is unknown. However, we do know she is American by nationality and follows the Christian faith.

Teri Debarge  Height

She weighs 50 kilograms and stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches. Teri has beautiful black eyes that complement her equally dark hair.

Teri Debarge Personal life

Teri first crossed paths with Bobby back in the mid-eighties when she was just 15. The two lovebirds decided to tie the knot on a special day, December 10, 1990.

They enjoyed a wonderful journey together and were fortunate to have two wonderful children, Bobby Debarge Jr. and Christian Debarge.Bobby Debarge Jr. is currently a member of the Debarge family music history, sharing his abilities with cousins Andrew, Kristinia, and Eldra Debarge, continuing his father’s musical legacy.

Since Bobby’s passing, Teri has focused on being a devoted mother and hasn’t ventured into any new relationships or affairs. Her heart remains dedicated to the memory of her late husband, and she continues to cherish the family they built together.

Teri Debarge  Her Family

We don’t have any details about her family or where they’re located. There’s no information available about her parents, siblings, what they’re up to these days, their jobs, or anything else related to her family.

Teri Debarge  Career

In 2008, she brought to life an underrated television program that delved into the captivating world of R&B and Soul Gospel vocalists. Bobby’s world completely collapsed at the age of 22 when he realized he was facing a hefty five-year prison sentence for drug dealing.This dark chapter unveiled a deep-rooted struggle with substance abuse. While there, he had to confront the actual possibility of HIV infection. At the age of 38, Bobby DeBarge passed away suddenly on August 16, 1995, as a result of complications resulting from AIDS. It was a really sad event as we had to say goodbye to a wonderful individual whose life had been tragically cut short by this dreadful illness.

His tragic journey came to an end on that day. Garfield Park Cemetery is where he was eternally buried.Bobby’s tumultuous yet gifted life remains an integral part of music history, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

When the story discusses Bobby DeBarge’s sexual orientation, it becomes tragic, as it is revealed that he is identified as sexually unbiased. He shared a meaningful relationship with Tony, a gay man, and the two shared a home in California for an extended period. Tragically, Tony succumbed to AIDS, further adding to the emotional layers of Bobby’s life.

Bobby’s romantic history extends to his involvement with La Toya Jackson, the sister of the legendary Michael Jackson. The song “I Call out to You” bears the influence of their relationship. Rumors also circulate about Teri’s romantic connections before and after her marriage to Bobby, including an alleged affair with Randy and a fling with El post-Bobby’s passing. These claims remain unverified, existing only as speculative gossip.

Examining Bobby DeBarge more closely, he was the lead vocalist of the well-known Motown R&B/soul group Switch, known for his falsetto vocals. Bobby was the oldest of Robert and Etterlene DeBarge’s ten children, having been born in Detroit, Michigan, on March 5, 1956. He went by Robert Louis DeBarge Jr. in full. Besides his ten siblings, his father’s adulterous affairs resulted in five half-siblings.

At 22, Bobby’s world turned upside down when he found himself staring at a daunting five-year prison term for dealing drugs. This dark chapter unveiled a deep-rooted struggle with substance abuse. While there, he had to deal with the actual possibility of catching HIV. Bobby DeBarge died of AIDS at the age of 38 on August 16, 1995, following a heartbreaking journey. His life story is a poignant reminder of the struggles that many individuals face, and it leaves a void in the hearts of those who knew him. He was buried in Garfield Park Cemetery forever.Bobby’s tumultuous yet gifted life remains an integral part of music history, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Teri Debarge net worth 

Teri Debarge found herself stepping into the world of producing after her husband passed away. Through this unexpected journey, she has managed to carve out a successful career, providing well for herself. While the exact details of her net worth remain a mystery, some sources suggest that as of January 2024, she is estimated to be worth around USD 5 million.

Teri Debarge  Relationship

Teri and Bobby’s love tale began when they first met paths at the beautiful age of 15 in the mid-1980s. The enchantment of their connection brought them down the aisle on a snowy December 10, 1990, marking the commencement of a fantastic journey together.

As they welcomed Christian Debarge and Bobby Debarge Jr. into their lives, their happiness multiplied. Bobby Debarge Jr., who, like his father, embraced the family’s rich musical heritage, ensured the continued success of the Debarge musical legacy. His cousins Andrew Debarge, Kristinia Debarge, and Eldra Debarge joined him in a cross-generational musical partnership.

Following the loss of her husband, Teri devoted herself to being a committed mother, placing her family at the forefront of her priorities. Amidst life’s inevitable changes, she has refrained from exploring new romantic connections, opting instead to cherish the memories and uphold the musical traditions of the Debarge family through the talents of her son and nephews.

Teri Debarge  now Social Media

This is kind of unexpected—she’s not really into social media at the moment. Despite being married to a well-known individual, she is remaining anonymous and avoiding the spotlight on social media. The fact that she doesn’t have a single fan page on social media platforms like Instagram is even more startling.

Facts about Teri Debarge:

Marriage and Family:

Teri Debarge, formerly Teri Lee Gayle, gained fame through her marriage to Bobby Debarge, a prominent Motown R&B/soul singer.

They began dating in the mid-1980s and got married on December 10, 1990, when Bobby was in his early forties and Teri was just fifteen.

Despite the age difference, their love blossomed, leading to the birth of two sons, Christian Debarge and Bobby Debarge Jr.

Teri also became a sister-in-law to Bobby’s nine siblings, further expanding their family ties.

Children’s Pursuits:

Christian Debarge, the older son, has found passion in anime artistry and is married to an Asian woman. He prefers a private life.

Bobby Debarge Jr., the younger son, is actively involved in the music industry, collaborating with cousins to preserve the Debarge family’s musical legacy.

Career in Entertainment:

Teri Debarge made significant contributions to the entertainment industry, particularly through her work on the TV show “Unsung” and the movie “The Bobby Debarge Story.”

Despite her success, Teri has chosen to maintain a low profile, avoiding social media.

Personal Life and Widowed Status:

Teri’s life took a turn after Bobby’s passing in 1995, thrusting her into the role of a young single mother at the age of 25.

She has remained dedicated to preserving Bobby’s memory and focusing on raising their children.

Limited Information:

Unfortunately, there is limited information about Teri’s personal and academic life, as she deliberately avoids the spotlight.


Teri Debarge, previously Teri Lee Gayle, rose to prominence through her marriage to Bobby Debarge. Despite the age difference, their love story began in the mid-1980s and resulted in a family with two sons. Teri’s contributions to the entertainment industry, particularly in TV and film, have left a lasting impact. Since Bobby’s passing in 1995, Teri has prioritized being a devoted mother and has maintained a low profile, steering clear of social media.


What is Teri Debarge’s net worth?

While the exact net worth is unknown, as of January 2024, sources estimate it to be around USD 5 million.

What are Teri Debarge’s sons pursuing?

Christian Debarge is passionate about anime artistry, while Bobby Debarge Jr. is actively involved in the music industry, continuing the Debarge family’s musical legacy.

Is there information about Teri Debarge’s family?

Details about Teri’s family, including parents and siblings, are not available.

Did Teri play matchmaker between Bobby Debarge and Monique DeBarge?

There is an unverified rumor suggesting Teri played matchmaker between Bobby and Monique DeBarge.

Why does Teri Debarge avoid social media?

Despite her connection to a well-known figure, Teri has chosen to remain anonymous and avoid the spotlight on social media, with no official fan pages.

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