Incredible Trendy Ideas for Business Branding

The corporate world has been in existence for a very long period of time; however, the way people run their business today is totally different from what it used to be. Over the years, people have adopted several strategies that aid them to be more successful in their trade. Since competition is part of business, owners are required to come up with novel ways of establishing their dominance in the market. The more aggressive a venture is, the more it is likely to succeed.

Branding has become an integral part of business; it lets people know that such a particular business exists and what their services are. The marketing department is usually tasked with creating various advertising campaigns to make the company known to the public. The use of signs has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, signage experts in the US suggests the use of channel letters since they boldly advertise a company. Additionally, businesses have the option of choosing channel letters that have energy-efficient LED lights; these are great since they illustrate beautifully especially during night times. 

After every couple of years, the trends in the style of branding seems to take a new trajectory. It’s not advisable for businesses to get stuck with their signature brand for an extended period of time. Thus, companies should rebrand themselves to remain relevant. Logos, in particular, are among the things that undergo design transformations. Logos are usually considered as the face of the company; therefore, redesigning them often gives the impression that a business has entirely changed. Before you rebrand your business, ensure the new design you are about to adopt is relevant to what is trending and the theme of your company. Here are some ideas that’ll help you create an elegant logo.

Branding Trends in 2020

Neon Gradients and Warm Tones

Gradient refers to the gradual fusion of multiple colors to create a new blend. Many companies have resorted to combining warm colors with neon hues, something that has given rise to breathtaking color combinations that are fresh and unique. The closest description of warm tones would be that of an amber-sky sunset. It’s a color combination that is very attractive and makes the logo pop. To add a little flair, companies add a touch of purple in the preexisting amber tone to achieve the perfect complementary function. 

Minimal Metallic Texture

The use of bold metallic material has also become more prevalent. To make your design more stylish, ensure you use the metallic materials in a very minimalistic way. This will allow the metallic touch to become more pronounced. The minimalistic approach will also make the logo polished and easy on the eyes. Introducing the metallic touch to a monochromatic logo will definitely take it to the next level. If your brand is the epitome of luxury, then go for metallic strips that are rose gold, dark platinum, gold, and copper. They will communicate greatly especially when used in business cards and packaging. To add more contrast to the metallic materials, ensure you combine them with the color black creatively. 


The use of typography is also another technique that has been widely used by various businesses. The amazing thing about typography is it gives people the liberty to experiment with new ideas, hence championing creative ideas. Many companies are using free-spirited typography in their logo design, something that has made them achieve incredible artistry. Businesses that use typography in their logos are known to be easy-going entities. This trend has a casual vibe but still manages to remain relevant and appeal to the right target market. 

Stylish Line Art

If you would have told people two decades ago that line art designs would trend as a logo design style, few would have believed you. Yet, the use of stylish line art has become very common with brands these days. This can largely be attributed to the shift of consumer behavior since the larger population consists of millennials. Some of the businesses that use line art branding add adult coloring book themes to make their design stand out. Stylish line art enables a brand to be creative and unique while still allowing the company to have a fun image. 


For you to create a compelling brand, you have to expand your thinking beyond having a logo and great packaging. It has to entail how you tell the story of your brand to your potential customers. Companies that pride themselves in selling organic products and cruelty-free items have been at the forefront of championing this branding technique. The storytelling aspect has to be done in a visual manner and it should appeal to as many people as possible. To achieve this, you have to make your branding in a way that is easily understood and comprehensible.

Nature Inspired Branding 

Over the years, people around the globe have been paying very little attention to the state of the environment, which led to the degradation and pollution of the environment. Nevertheless, this narrative has started to change since more companies are embracing sustainable practices. This has also translated to how they brand themselves, with many of them choosing to work with earth-toned themes. Most businesses that use this technique have a conspicuous green color in their logo to symbolize nature and earth, which is also blended with other colors to tailor their branding to taste. If you’re selling premium sustainable products, combining green with some touch of gold would be a great idea. 

Complete Minimalism

This is yet another style that has been widely embraced by a lot of companies. Minimalistic branding has elements of unparalleled simplicity and cleanliness that is paired with various inspiration to achieve an intriguing final product. This style works perfectly well with fashion stores; even if your business sells products that are of regular retail price, using a logo that has been inspired by subtle minimalism will give the impression of a high-end store. 


Branding is an essential part of business; it’s what attracts and explains your company’s mission and vision in a very succinct manner. Thus, you should always ensure that your logo and your overall branding clearly depicts the motive of your business. If you want to create a logo or rebrand your business, be sure to use some of the design ideas mentioned above. 

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