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How do you find out who is calling you?

Communication has become an essential part of our modern society. A lot of businesses and industries rely on it to facilitate the smooth running of their operation. This has made the number of call connections within a day to be innumerable. While social media has become a widely used mode of communicating, phone calls are still the most preferred method. They are quick, efficient, and are more likely to be answered by the recipient. Nowadays, privacy isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity; this implies that incoming who is calling that are labeled as unknown should be taken very seriously. 

In this modern age where cybercrimes and data breaches are rampant, people should do their due diligence to protect their privacy. Malicious calls can be very harmful since they compromise the privacy of people. To avoid jeopardizing your safety, you should avoid picking anonymous calls. This can be a hard thing to do especially if you’re a person who conducts most of your operations via the phone. Still, that isn’t a valid reason to expose yourself to unnecessary risks. There are many ways a person can know a caller; Free Reverse Phone Lookup is one brilliant way of identifying a caller if the incoming number is unknown. Here are some other ways you can use to verify who your caller is.

Identity Caller App

Applications have changed how we interact with our phones, as well as people. Many software developing companies have developed apps that can display the name and details of the incoming call irrespective of whether you’ve saved the number or not. Truecaller is one of the most widely used mobile applications; It is fast and efficient in telling the user who the caller is before they even answer it. Additionally, some of the identity caller apps have added features such as call blocking that can be very effective in preventing unknown numbers.

Using Google

Over the years, Google has managed to become a household name in cyberspace. The company has also lived up to the expectation, proving to be very reliable. The firm now has a database of innumerable things making it a very resourceful site. From business details to information concerning individuals, you can always be sure to find what you are looking for. Most often, inputting the number on Google will display the possible owner. This is dependent upon whether the person’s contact is linked to other social media accounts or sites. This method can help you know your caller especially if you aren’t using any lookup software. 

Use Spam Call Website

This is yet another helpful way of finding the identity of your callers. Spam call websites let you verify an unknown number thereby displaying the details of that particular number. Additionally, some people who receive spam calls do report the number to such sites. This usually helps in providing information to the general public. 

Voice Mail Option

This is definitely one of the easiest ways that offer safety. When getting an incoming call, it’s not always advisable to hang the phone; the call might be an emergency or work-related. A simple solution is to let the phone ring then go to voicemail. If it’s a person who really wants to reach you, they would leave a message explaining the purpose of their call. People who are malicious rarely leave a voice message. In fact, this can be a good indicator of whether you should take additional actions of tracing the number. 

Harnessing Social Media

Lastly, you can also find more details about a number by harnessing social media platforms. Facebook is a site that has a huge database of people’s accounts linked to their number. Inputting the number on the search bar can redirect you to the person associated with that particular line.


Technology is advancing at a rapid pace; even though this is good for consumers, it also comes with other challenges such as identity theft, hacking, and the breach of privacy. Phone calls have become one of the ways many malicious individuals carry out their activities. Answering calls that have unknown numbers can expose you to many risks. If you’ve been receiving anonymous phone calls, be sure to implement the strategies mentioned above.  

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