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Justin Chien Age: Rising Star of Hollywood’s New Generation And More

Justin Chien Age 

Born in Taiwan in 1998, Justin Chien will be 26 years old in 2024. Despite the fact that his Wikipedia page is currently inactive, Taiwanese-American actor, producer, and writer Justin Chien is well-known for his parts in highly regarded films like “Two Sides: Unfaithful” (2021) and “The Brothers Sun” (2024). His work is diverse, involving producing, directing, and acting.

Who is Justin Chien?

Born in Beijing but raised in Los Angeles, Justin Chien possesses a natural talent for acting that runs in his distinguished family. His grandfather, a former Taiwanese US Representative, set high standards for Chien, who is carving his path to success with innate talent and unwavering determination.

Chien’s father, Carl Chien, serves as JP Morgan’s Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific and instilled the value of hard work in him from a young age.

Before landing his breakout role in “The Brothers Sun,” Justin honed his skills in productions like “Continuum,” “Fine China,” and “Endless Yesterdays.” These experiences not only helped him refine his craft but also prepared him for his envisioned role.


Justin Chien, born and raised in Los Angeles after originating from Beijing, inherits a natural flair for acting from his esteemed lineage. With his grandfather having served as a former Taiwanese US Representative, Chien grew up with a set of high expectations, propelling him forward with an innate talent and unwavering determination.

His father, Carl Chien, occupies the position of JP Morgan’s Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific, instilling the core value of hard work into Justin from his formative years.

Prior to his breakthrough performance in “The Brothers Sun,” Justin immersed himself in various productions such as “Continuum,” “Fine China,” and “Endless Yesterdays.” These ventures not only allowed him to refine his acting abilities but also equipped him with the skills necessary for his envisioned role.


NameJustin Chien
Age27 years old
Birth Date1997
Birth PlaceTaiwan, Republic of China
Marital StatusUnmarried
Girlfriend NameNA
Father NameCarl Chien
Mother NameVirginia Hu
Net Worth$1 million


Justin Chien started performing in commercials as a child, fostering a love for the craft. In Los Angeles high school, he participated in many drama and theater activities to develop his skills and passion for the arts. Justin studied film and television production at USC after graduating. He took acting training at the Groundlings School and Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in addition to his scholastic studies.

Justin Chien Family

Justin Chien’s father, Carl Chien, is the head of JPMorgan Taiwan’s head, demonstrating their financial prowess. His mother, Virginia Hu, is also a wealthy businesswoman. Justin was raised with siblings Darren, Christen, and Fred, giving diversity to their family.

The Chien family history goes beyond their house and spans decades. A famous diplomat and politician in Taiwan, Justin’s grandpa Fredrick Chien contributed to the family’s diplomatic history. Additionally, Justin’s great-grandfather, S.L Chien, founded Taiwanese research facilities, advancing knowledge and innovation.

Justin lives with this rich blend of commercial acumen and diplomacy history. He is pursuing an entertainment career at 27 in 2024, building on his family’s legacy.

He Married?

Despite his direct messages likely brimming with admirers, especially following his captivating shirtless scenes in “The Brothers Sun,” Justin Chien remains joyfully single. In a recent interview, he shared, “My current focus is entirely on my work and striving to become the best actor I can be. Romance can wait for now.” With a towering and well-built 6-foot frame coupled with his alluring charm, there’s no doubt that Chien will have a myriad of romantic prospects when he eventually decides to explore love.

Presently, he appears content fostering his close-knit circle of family and friends, serving as an anchor amidst his burgeoning stardom. Justin acknowledges the challenges that often accompany fame, but his steadfast roots and support system contribute to keeping him grounded. As he continues to ascend in his career, the prospect of romance remains on the horizon, patiently awaiting its time in Justin Chien’s life.

Justin Chien Career

Justin Chien started acting several years ago, showing incredible autonomy despite his wealth. He practiced and performed for the public, driven by his early love of performance. First acting role in 2015’s “Minolta,” then in 2016’s “Cyclists” and “Consent (The Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation).” In the late 2010s, Chien appeared in “Valley of the Heart” at the Mark Taper Forum.

In addition to acting, Chien wrote and produced short films. In 2018, he made the short films “Continuum” and later “Fine China” (2020) and “Endless Yesterdays” (2021). His writing and acting skills were on display in “Continuum” (2018) and “Reverallium” (2017). Chien’s tenacity paid off when he got his first TV part over five years after many tryouts. He made his television debut in 2021 with “Two Sides: Unfaithful,” as Mikey in all episodes.


Justin Chien brilliantly played Charles Sun in “The Brothers Sun” (2024), an eight-episode drama. He played Horace in “Sun Moon” (2023) with ease, earning an 8.9 rating in “Kodama” (2023).

Chien contributes to several projects beyond these. He appeared in “Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase” (2021) and “Two Sides: Unfaithful” (2021), as Mikey in a captivating 12-episode series.


Justin Chien has contributed to film production as well as acting. He helped “Endless Yesterdays” (2021) succeed as an associate producer, showcasing his versatility. In “Fine China” (2020), Chien produced and played a more prominent role, earning a 6.8 rating.

His producing background shows his leadership. Chien was an executive producer in the 2018 short film “Continuum” and understood the creative process and how to realize a cinematic vision.


Justin Chien’s writing, acting, and producing skills have left an unforgettable impression. He wrote “Continuum” (2018) with a unique storytelling perspective, demonstrating his narrative skill. Chien was also a key writer for “Reverallium” (2017), showcasing his innovative talent. His combined job as a writer and actor shows his versatility and dedication to creating meaningful entertainment narratives.

Justin Chien Filmography

  • In 8 captivating episodes of The Brothers Sun (2024), starred as Charles Sun.
  • The versatile actor played Horace in Sun Moon (2023), creating a lasting impression.
  • Kodama (2023): Received an 8.9 rating for his portrayal as Justin in this short film, demonstrating his acting capabilities.
  • Many Names (2018): Played John in this short film, demonstrating his depth and emotion.
  • This short film’s narrative was enhanced by his distinctive portrayal of Kai.
  • In Consent or (The Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation) (2016), played John, demonstrating his early dedication to the industry.
  • In one of his first films, Cyclists (2016), he played Danny.
  • In this short film, Minolta (2015), made his acting debut as Justin, launching a promising career.

Justin Chien’s USC Lessons for Success

Before appearing on Netflix in “The Brothers Sun,” Justin Chien studied acting at USC. The Chinese-American actor received a scholarship to USC’s School of Dramatic Arts, where he advanced his career. Chien told TaiwanPlus that he was in the rigorous BFA program at USC, which required semester-long play productions.

In his six-hour performance of ‘The Kentucky Cycle,’ he gained invaluable career training. ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ with a three-headed Oberon, was a key production in his academic career and attracted his management.

Justin’s Role In Netflix The Brothers Sun

Byron Wu and Brad Falchuk’s black comedic action series “The Brothers Sun” premieres on Netflix on January 4, 2024. This captivating drama explores a Taiwanese-American criminal family. Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh plays Eileen Sun, a strong gang boss, and Justin Chien plays her eldest son.

In the series, Chien protects his mother and his unaware younger brother, Bruce (Sam Song Li), from their enemies with skill and lethality.

The Brothers Sun – Chien’s Star Vehicle

Justin Chien was at a turning point in his career when he was cast in “The Brothers Sun” after years of studying film luminaries’ acting approaches and polishing his craft in supporting roles. Justin eagerly auditioned with unshakable resolve to impress the casting director, producers, and network officials, knowing the opportunity fit his goals. He received an exciting call confirming his casting in the dark drama about two estranged brothers’ moral dilemmas.

Chien honestly described his emotional journey after his casting in a recent Esquire Magazine interview, crying with delight and relief as he realized the impact this part would have on his life. “The Brothers Sun” changed Chien, and he understood the power of playing a character in such a project.

Jin and Taylor Sun, played by Justin Chien and Aaron Rogers, are the central characters in “The Brothers Sun”. The duo successfully depicts separated brothers negotiating a convoluted past with cryptic events revealed through tantalizing flashbacks.

Justin Chien’s “spellbinding and haunting” portrayal of Jin, who alternates between a protective father and a clever antihero, has garnered praise. 

The Allure of Justin Chien

Justin Chien’s rise to prominence is due to his innate talent and contagious charisma, which shines through on screen. His acting prowess is shown by his ability to thoroughly immerse himself in every part, making you forget you’re seeing Justin Chien.

Chien smoothly switches genres, earning praise from critics. He effortlessly blends into each role, demonstrating a chameleon-like ability to play varied personas.

Chien’s off-screen mystique captivates admirers beyond his acting. Despite appearing confident and intelligent in interviews, he keeps his personal life private, giving intrigue to his public character. His mystery and excellent looks leave fans wanting more.

The rumors about Chien’s personal life and off-screen pastimes add to the excitement. His PR team keeps his poetry, language learning, and philanthropic work secret, adding to his appeal.

Justin Chien Movies & Television Series

  1. In 2015, Justin debuted in “Minolta,” marking the start of his career and showcasing his engaging personality.
  2. Danny in “Cyclists” (2016):
  3. In “Cyclists,” Chien played Danny, demonstrating his versatility.
  4. 2016: “Consent or (The Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation)” as John
  5. Justin played John in the thought-provoking film “Consent or (The Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation).”
  6. 2017: “Reverallium” as Kai
  7. Chien’s rise continued in “Reverallium,” when he played Kai, demonstrating his versatility.
  8. 2018: “Many Names” as John
  9. In “Many Names,” Justin gave John depth, demonstrating his commitment to nuanced performances.
  10. 2019: “Number 2” as Nurse Smith
  11. Chien’s sophisticated portrayal of Nurse Smith in “Number 2” left a lasting impression.
  12. 2020: “Summer Soundtrack” as Jake
  13. Justin’s turn in “Summer Soundtrack” showed his comedic timing and charisma as Jake.

Intriguing Facts about Justin Chien

  1. Beginning Cinematic Journey (2015):
  2. Justin Chien launched his career in 2015 with the short film ‘Minolta,’ launching a promising future.
  3. In 2016, Justin made a breakthrough with the critically praised short film ‘Consent or (The Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation),’ launching him into the spotlight and leading to future roles.
  4. In 2021, Chien made major performances in TV series such ‘As Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase’ and ‘Two Sides: Unfaithful’, demonstrating his flexibility across several mediums.
  5. With upcoming roles in ‘The Brothers Sun’ (2024), ‘Sun Moon’ (2022), and ‘Summer Soundtrack’ (2020), Justin Chien is expected to provide fascinating performances.
  6. Beyond Acting: Production and Writing Success (2018):
  7. Chien’s 2018 award-winning short film ‘Continuum’ showcased his production and writing skills. This project showed his creativity outside of performing.

Justin Chien Favorite Things

Favorite Vacation SpotBeaches
Active Years2015 to Present
Last Updated3rd January, 2024

Some Important Facts

  • Martial Arts Expertise: With a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and nearly any Muay Thai training, Justin Chien shows attention to decade physical discipline and combat sports.
  • Justin’s television appearances, including ‘Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase’ (2021) and ‘Two Sides: Unfaithful,’ have expanded his artistic reach beyond the silver screen.

Future Principal Roles

  1. Leading parts in upcoming films including “The Brothers Sun” (2024), “Sun Moon” (2022), and “Summer Soundtrack” (2020) are in the works, highlighting his ongoing prominence.
  2. Living in Los Angeles: Justin is well-positioned for his successful film career as he currently resides in Los Angeles, California, the center of the entertainment industry.
  3. Passion for Fitness: In addition to his acting career, Chien enjoys weightlifting and is a fitness enthusiast. This shows that he takes a whole-person approach to leading an active and healthy lifestyle.
  4. Golden Angel Award Nomination (2018): Justin Chien’s exceptional work in the short film category at the Chinese American Film Festival in 2018 was recognized with a Golden Angel Award nomination, demonstrating his creative depth beyond performance.
  5. Modeling Stints: Chien has combined his charisma with the world of fashion to present his remarkable presence as a model for a variety of publications, including the renowned Timid, outside of the screen.
  6. 2015 marked the beginning of Justin’s cinematic odyssey with the release of his first short film, “Minolta,” which laid the groundwork for a career characterized by skill and commitment.
  7. Critical Acclaim and Breakthrough (2016): In 2016, Chien landed a significant lead role in the highly regarded short film “Consent or (The Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation),” which served as a springboard for his future success.

The Future of Justin Chien

Justin Chien is the unquestionable face to watch as The Brothers Sun picks up steam in its wildly successful first season, drawing in both critics and ardent fans. In the middle of the praise, rumors circulate regarding the fascinating roles that the gifted actor will soon be taking on.

Enthusiasts, dubbed “Chienheads,” learned about a fascinating anecdote via an article on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. After Justin made a hint about continuing talks with big brands, there were wild rumors that he was a candidate for the lead part in the next Marvel movie, “Alpha Force.”

In addition to The Brothers Sun’s continued success, rumors in the business suggest that Justin’s role in the recently concluded dark movie “Absolution” may generate Oscar’s attention. Chien plays a tortured priest battling ghosts from his past in this movie. Prominent directors are excited to work with him on upcoming psychological thrillers, which are reminiscent of his breakthrough indie hits.

Given his experience in improv and sketch comedy, Justin shrugs in his characteristically gloomy way when asked about possible typecasting or a return to his comedic roots. He says he’s willing to work on movies that make people cry, think, or feel afraid—or maybe a powerful mix of all three—and he genuinely wants to explore intriguing and complex characters that audiences can relate to. He punctuates this remark with laughter.


nominee of Golden Angel Award for Best Short Film “Continuum”

2020 nominee of HBO APA Visionaries for Best Short “Fine China”

Justin Chien has not yet received any awards but has been nominated for 2 prestigious awards in his career till date. It is hoped that the actor will receive numerous awards in the coming years. 

Justin Chien Net Worth

By 2024, after a successful career spanning several years as an actor, producer, and writer, Justin Chien should have a $1 million net worth. His wealth is not limited to Hollywood; it also includes handsome profits from brand endorsements and modeling assignments. Because of his multiple sources of income, Chien has been able to live a luxurious lifestyle that is representative of his success in the entertainment industry. He even owns a home in the center of Los Angeles. In keeping with his luxurious lifestyle, Justin drives a luxurious BMW car and cruises the city in luxury. This financial success highlights his creative accomplishments as well as the clever economic sense that makes him a successful figure in the entertainment industry.


Taiwanese-born Justin Chien, who started acting in 2015, rose to recognition fast for his fascinating roles. He was reared in Los Angeles, where his passion for acting blossomed, after being born in the United States. After earning a degree in film and television production from the University of Southern California, Justin started his career in the entertainment sector. Early on, he found success in theater and short film projects. In the short film “Minolta,” he made his acting debut in 2015. In 2016, he played the lead in critically acclaimed films including “Consent (The Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation)”. Beyond just acting, Justin has demonstrated proficiency in writing and producing.

Justin Chien Brothers 

After years of studying the acting techniques of cinema icons and honing his craft in smaller supporting roles, Justin Chien felt destined for the lead role in The Brothers Sun. When his agent secured him an audition, Justin cleared his schedule, knowing this gritty drama about two brothers navigating life’s moral gray areas was the project he had been waiting for.

Determined to leave a lasting impression, Justin showed up to the audition ready to impress the casting director, producers, and network executives. After several nerve-wracking weeks, he received the call: the part was his.

In a recent interview with Esquire Magazine, Justin revealed that he cried tears of joy and relief upon receiving the news. “I knew my life would be forever changed after taking on a role like this,” he told reporters.

The show centers on Jin and Taylor Sun, portrayed by Justin Chien and newcomer Aaron Rogers, as estranged siblings who reunite after years apart due to mysterious incidents from their past that are slowly revealed through tantalizing flashbacks.

Critics have praised Chien’s portrayal of Jin, describing it as “spellbinding and haunting.” The show delves into timeless themes of brotherhood, sacrifice, and moral conflict, with Chien bringing depth, nuance, and empathy to Jin Sun’s character.

Since the premiere earlier this month, fans have taken to social media, dubbing Chien the next “It Guy” of Hollywood. Entertainment analysts predict major award nominations for Chien, given the layers and complexity he brings to his character.

While viewers sense that Jin Sun is on a destructive path with dark secrets that may corrupt his soul, the intrigue lies in how long he can balance upholding the family name with doing what’s right. This tension is palpable in every scene featuring Chien’s standout performance.

Facts about Justin Chien:

  • Age and Birth: Born in Taiwan in 1998, Justin Chien will be 26 years old in 2024.
  • Career Highlights: Known for his roles in films like “Two Sides: Unfaithful” (2021) and “The Brothers Sun” (2024), Justin Chien is a Taiwanese-American actor, producer, and writer.
  • Family Background: Justin’s father, Carl Chien, is JPMorgan Taiwan’s CEO, and his mother, Virginia Hu, is a businesswoman. His grandfather, Fredrick Chien, is a retired Taiwanese diplomat and politician, and his great-grandfather, S.L. Chien founded Taiwanese research facilities.
  • Education: Justin studied film and television production at USC after graduating from high school in Los Angeles, where he participated in drama and theater activities.
  • Personal Life: Justin Chien remains unmarried and focused on his acting career. He has three siblings: Darren, Christen, and Fred.
  • Net Worth: Estimated to be $1 million, Justin Chien’s net worth reflects his successful career in the entertainment industry.

Summary of Justin Chien’s Biography:

Justin Chien, born in Taiwan but raised in Los Angeles, comes from a family with a strong background in business and diplomacy. He showed an early interest in acting and began his career by appearing in commercials. Justin honed his acting skills through high school drama activities and later studied film and television production at USC. His career includes roles in films, TV shows, and theater productions, showcasing his versatility as an actor, writer, and producer.

FAQs about Justin Chien:

Is Justin Chien married?

No, Justin Chien is currently unmarried and focusing on his career.

What is Justin Chien’s net worth?

Justin Chien’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Where was Justin Chien born?

Justin Chien was born in Taiwan in 1998.

What are Justin Chien’s hobbies?

Justin Chien enjoys boxing and considers beaches his favorite vacation spot.

What is Justin Chien’s nationality?

Justin Chien is a Chinese national.

What is Justin Chien’s religious background?

Justin Chien is Christian.

Who are Justin Chien’s parents?

Justin Chien’s father is Carl Chien, and his mother is Virginia Hu.

What is Justin Chien’s career background?

Justin Chien is known for his roles in films like “Two Sides: Unfaithful” (2021) and “The Brothers Sun” (2024), as well as his work as a producer and writer. He started acting in commercials as a child and continued to pursue his passion for acting through high school and college.

What is Justin Chien’s educational background?

Justin Chien studied film and television production at USC after graduating from high school in Los Angeles.

What are some of Justin Chien’s notable achievements?

Justin Chien has been nominated for the Golden Angel Award for Best Short Film for “Continuum” and for HBO APA Visionaries for Best Short for “Fine China.” He has received acclaim for his roles in “The Brothers Sun” and other films and TV shows.

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