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Accident Injuries and Teenagers: Statistics, Common Injuries, and Their Prevention 

Driver’s license is perhaps one of the most awaited things in a young adults’ life. For many teenagers, it is a sign of new openings and a huge phase in their life. Driving is not only an option in the modern world, it is somehow a necessity.

Having a driver’s license is a legal right for young people. Not only does it open a unique discovered independence, but it also implies some sense of maturity — when you have your license, you become an “adult.” For many of these young people, this point of pride happens between the ages of 16 and 18.

However, getting a license is not the only thing that you must teach your child to get. For them to develop a more mature sense of driving, it is important that you teach them the risks of being in a car accident and how it can impact your overall health and not to mention the injuries from car accidents that can leave some scars and some trauma.

The point is not to scare your child off but to make them understand that while dangerous, risky driving can be a part-time thrill, ending up at a car accident clinic is a bad thing and it should be your last priority.

Teen Driver Accidents – Facts and Statistics

Upon researching teenage driving accidents, we were shocked to see the results. The following numbers are the most up-to-date estimates present at the moment of our most recent study. Here are some alarming figures on teenage drivers:

Distracted and Drunk Driving Accidents

  • 33% of high school students across the country have met in a car accident while driving
  • 12% of distracted teenage drivers have experienced fatal car accidents just by being engaged in something else while being behind the wheel.
  • Talking on the phone is subjected to decrease the reaction time of a teenager and divert their attention to the person on the phone.
  • Teenage drivers are recognized and identified as the largest percentage of distracted drivers.
  • 56% of teenage drivers have accepted talking on the phone while driving and 13% of teenagers have confirmed that they tend to text while driving. Ages: 16, 17, and 18.
  • 48% of teenagers have reported being in a vehicle where their fellow teenage driver was texting and thoroughly distracted.
  • 13.5% of children ages 17 and 18 have confirmed getting behind the wheels under the influence of alcohol.
  • 60% of teenage drunk drivers who were found in a fatal accident had traces of wearing a seatbelt.
  • 27% of males died in car accidents and 15% of females due to drunk driving.

National Level Teenage Accident Statistics

At a national level, the teenagers who suffered death or injuries from car accidents are mentioned below:

  • 10% of teenagers who suffered death in a car accident were distracted driving. (Ages 15 to 17)
  • 51% of teenagers behind the wheel died while others suffered from major accident injuries reported by their local car accident clinics. Almost 50% of young drivers have been in a car accident and it turns out that the majority don’t like the concept of safety and seatbelts.

Common Injuries Resulting From Car Accidents

An automobile crash can cause significant injury to nearly every body part. Below are some of the most severe accidents sustained by motor vehicle collision survivors:

Spinal Injuries

The natural anatomy of the human body, especially the spine is not meant to have a major effect, and back injuries are a frequent consequence of car crashes. Back accidents can be affected following an injury. The discomfort and damage incurred by severe back injuries can be severe and prone to last for a long time.

Internal Injuries

Once the body is pressed into an obstacle by a collision or if the body is struck by flying debris, injury to the vital internal organs can occur. In such a scenario, having internal bleeding is quite common and in any such case, the victim needs to be rushed into the car accident clinic immediately.

Fractures and Broken Bones

Broken hands, ribs, shoulders, knees, and wrists are normal in vehicle crashes. Multiple car crash victims are suffering from a fractured pelvis. Severity varies from minor cracks that involve a casting to extreme cracks or complex fractures that may need surgery to be healed.

Scars on Face and Body

Facial injury in auto crashes may be caused by shattered glass or by hitting the wheel, a dashboard, a windshield, a side mirror, a car seat, or other hard surfaces – including the airbag!. Deformity from traumatic injuries may need surgical repair which may leave a patient with a permanent scar.


Whiplash is caused by a to and fro sudden jerk to the body. In any scenario, whether a major accident or minor, your body has the tendency to suffer from whiplash. Because of the sudden jerks to which the neck moves to and fro, it ends up damaging the soft tissues in that specific region. This results in a person suffering from a reduced range of motion in the neck and severe pain sometimes.

Knee Injuries

Knees may be damaged in car accidents by fracturing some body parts. Injuries vary from swelling to numerous fractures. The meniscus, in the knee, will break if the knee is bent or suddenly rotated in a collision.

Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries may occur due to the accumulation of force by gearing up the hands by the steering wheel or the windshield in a car accident. The shoulder joint is in place and experiences an intense force and pressure due to the vehicle collision. 


During an accident, you may encounter broken glass and hard objects flying in the car. You have the risk of getting in contact with those objects that can cause lacerations and bruises on the body. For motorcycle riders, suffering from a road rash is quite common. Road rash is a severe frictional bruise caused by friction from being dragged on the concrete road or pavement. These rashes and injuries may cause skin burn and must be taken care of immediately.

Recovery after Car Accident

Wounds and injuries from car accidents can be mild scrapes and bruises to even more open-skin severe injuries. These accidental injuries usually have a huge impact on all parts of the body. The treatment healing and recovery process may take a while and there is a different treatment plan for each body part.

Here are some of the most reliable treatment options for people:

  • Visiting the car accident clinic should be your priority. They will diagnose the injuries and suggest their suitable treatment.
  • Take chiropractic care and services as alternative care.
  • Go for professional massage services.
  • Take physical therapy that will target all areas of your body.


Car accidents in teenagers are becoming quite common in America. Many young individuals have lost their lives due to careless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol.

There are many different kinds of injuries that you may face and the treatment plan for each injury is different. However, you may want to seek alternative therapy for the best results.

People might think that medical care is at its best nowadays but it is important that you take care of yourself and be careful while driving to avoid accidents.

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